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BIOPAÍS: objectives

The main objective of this study is the evaluation of the potential ecological and social impacts of offshore wind farms in areas of high biodiversity and great landscape value in the Spanish Mediterranean.

The proposed wind farms in the of Cap de Creus / Gulf of Roses area serve as a case study to help study how the impacts of offshore wind on marine biodiversity and on the landscape can be avoided or minimized.

Lluís Mas Blanch


Specific objectives

Biodiversity and marine habitats

Marine biodiversity and marine habitats can be impacted by offshore wind farms. The project pays special attention to sensitive species and important species as a local fishing resource, as well as the most fragile and essential habitats.

Based on studies of the impact of offshore wind on biodiversity and on habitats already carried out in other areas of the world, the project aims to analyze the various potential effects in the Mediterranean. We cataloged the species and habitats in the area that may be affected by the wind farm, focusing on sensitive species (fish, invertebrates, mammals, birds, turtles...), locally exploited species, fragile and essential habitats. Compiling this information, the project will design a map of biodiversity and habitats in relation to the area occupied by the wind farm to assess the interaction (potential impact) between them.

Ecosystem, cultural services and landscape

Wind farms can have an impact on ecosystem and cultural services, as well as on the landscape.

Firstly, the project will identify the ecosystem services affected by offshore wind farms in the Mediterranean. Next, delimiting the study area and based on the analysis of social perception of the different actors in the territory, a classification will be made. This tool is used to map the relationship between the offshore wind farm, the landscape and the population of the area, taking into account its social and economic impact.


BIOPAÍS intends to design some recommendations to avoid or mitigate the ecological, landscape and social impact of offshore wind farms in the Spanish Mediterranean.

Based on the results of the interactions between the wind farm and the ecological (sensitive species, fishing resources, habitats and ecosystem services of the habitats), social and landscape components (cultural services, perception) the project will design recommendations to avoid or limit the negative impacts of wind farms.


BIOPAÍS wants to disseminate the progress and results obtained during the project through different actions, including the development of a web cartographic viewer to access the various maps obtained.

The purpose is the transfer of knowledge both to scientists and to society. In addition, the web viewer is a simple and easily accessible tool that will allow the user to get closer to the different results of the project.

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