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La Caixa - Cap de Creus

The protection of the marine resources of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus: importance for human health


In 2017, the Oceans and Human Health Chair and the Institute of Marine Science-CSIC coordinated a research project entitled “Protection of marine resources in Cap de Creus Natural Park: implications for human health”. The project was funded by La Caixa Foundation and the Cap de Creus Marine Protected Area, and involved marine and fisheries biologists, small-scale fishers and local marine protected area managers.

The project was conducted locally, and was a first step towards understanding how the resources of a marine protected area can potentially be beneficial for people’s health. The main aim of the study was to gain insights into the relationships between marine habitats, marine resources and people's health, and publicise the need to protect marine resources and their habitats, which contribute to improving people’s health.



Aims of the project

1. To evaluate the potential health benefits derived from the marine resources at Cap de Creus Natural Park

2. Knowledge transfer from researchers to society regarding the importance for human health of protecting marine resources


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