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Marine ecosystems and Cancer project

This project, financed by the Local Fishery Action Group (GALP) Costa Brava, the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and the Government of Catalonia, with the support of ABS (Basic Health Area) Roses and the collaboration of ABS Tossa de Mar, the Roses Against Cancer Foundation and Oncolliga Girona, aims to study the relationships between marine ecosystems and cancer.

Specifically, the project has two objectives:


Explore the health benefits of regular consumption of healthy foods from the sea, especially Omega 3 fatty acids, as an important element of healthy diets that are clearly related to the prevention of some types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


Assess the physical and mental health of patients who have suffered cancer after regular contact with the sea, through the practice of swimming and snorkeling (observation of marine flora and fauna through goggles and tube, without underwater breathing devices).

Cancer patients participating in the Roses study Photo: Stefania Minuto
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