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Pesca SOS: project

During the last few years, the study, monitoring and management of artisanal fisheries has been gaining importance and, thus, the need to create local, national and international management strategies, so far focused on trawling and purse seine fishing.

Sustainable fishing is key to ensuring the conservation of fish stocks and marine ecosystems. Therefore, it is necessary that the different small-scale gears used by artisanal fishermen reach a higher level of sustainability, reducing the ecological impact and contributing to the sustainability of the fishing sector.

This project has focused on the study of artisanal fisheries in Cap de Creus and Gulf of Roses. The samplings adopted the “self-sampling” method, supervised by a biologist of the Oceans and Human Health Chair, with the aim of empowering the fisherman both in the study and in the co-management of fishery resources on the basis of the study results, and which is done within the framework of the Co-Management Committee of artisanal fisheries of Cap de Creus.

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