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The research group on Marine Ecosystems and Human Health (SeaHealth)

The research group on Marine Ecosystems and Human Health (SeaHealth) of the Institute of Aquatic Ecology (IEA) - University of Girona (UdG) (Code GRCT0101), is the first group in Catalonia and Spain, and one of the few in Europe, which deals with the theme "Oceans and Human Health" in an interdisciplinary way, with the objective of studying the complex relationships that exist between the goods and services provided by marine ecosystems and human health and well-being.

Sea Health

These investigations are not only essential for the health and well-being of people, but also for environmental, social and economic sustainability in relation to the European Union initiatives "Blue Economy" and "Blue Health". SeaHealth is part of the Institute of Aquatic Ecology and is closely related to the new Oceans and Human Health Chair.

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SeaHealth studies different aspects that have often been treated independently, but in reality are closely related: the conservation of marine ecosystems, the promotion of health and the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

In addition, SeaHealth promotes the transfer of knowledge to society. In collaboration with different groups (managers of marine reserves and fisheries, fishermen, patient associations, entities that promote nautical activities and NGOs), SeaHealth promotes participatory systems such as citizen science and co-management. The group also participates in advisory actions to different administrations, among which the European Commission, to bring the results of the investigations to the administrations in charge of the management of the ecosystems and marine resources, and the prevention of health.

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SeaHealth is co-directed by Dr. Josep Lloret (PhD in Biology) of the Faculty of Sciences (UdG) and Dr. Joan San (PhD in Medicine) of the Faculty of Medicine (UdG), and is formed by marine biologists, biotechnologists, physicians and social scientists, among others. In addition to the members of the UdG, researchers from other research centers are also part of the group. SeaHealth maintains relationships with more than 30 universities, research centers, hospitals, NGOs, administrations and companies around the world.

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How to reach

Faculty of Sciences of the University of Girona
Carrer de Maria Aurèlia Capmany i Farnés, 69
Tel.: 972 418 268
17003 Girona

Dr. Josep Lloret

Dr. Joan San

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