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Project objectives

The overall objective is the valorization of thermophilic species in order to give them gastronomic value and, therefore, market value. To achieve this, the following objectives have been pursued:

Carry out a diagnosis of the fishery for thermophilic species that are not highly valued. Evaluate the catches and fishing gear used to fish for thermophilic species on the Costa Brava and their quality (product analysis). 

Propose forms of sustainable use and healthy consumption of thermophilic species.

Analyze the best ways to take advantage of the species in a sustainable and healthy way, including the enhancement of the product through simple recipes proposed by chefs.

Increase knowledge of the nutritional and gastronomic value of thermophilic species. Demonstrative workshops and talks will be held in collaboration with chefs, fishermen, high school institutes, and the Roses Gastronomic Classroom.

Report on the importance of omega-3 fatty acids for human health, both in terms of cardiovascular risk and in the prevention of certain illness.

Prepare a cookbook to be able to put the recipes into practice at home thanks to the participation of cooks from the Girona counties.

Hold a series of demonstrative gastronomic workshops in the Roses Gastronomic Classroom for the public and for professionals in the sector.

Hold talks at different institutes in the Girona region, together with fishermen, to make these species and their gastronomic importance known to students.

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