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Recreational activities at sea and cancer

There ara several studies that show how marine ecosystems can contribute to improving the physical and mental health of people through the practice of activities in the sea (swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking or even walking along the coast).

However, it is unknown whether these same benefits of the sea are present in people who have suffered or suffer from various diseases.

In this sense, the physicians and marine biologists from the Oceans and Human Health Chair, the SeaHealth research group of the University of Girona, the Institut Català d'Oncologia (Catalan Institute of Oncology, ICO), the primary care center in Roses, the Corporation Salut del Maresme i la Selva and the Roses Contra el Càncer Foundation, in collaboration with the primary care center in Tossa de Mar and Oncolliga Girona, carried out a study (still in progress) to assess whether snorkeling, sea bathing and walking by the sea could contribute to the well-being of patients who have suffered from cancer.

Cancer is a disease that interferes in all areas of the patient's life, generating many times a great physical and emotional impact. In this sense, this experience at sea also aims to provide cancer patients with a time of well-being in order to forget their illness for a few moments.

The activities took place in Roses and Tossa de Mar. More than 20 patients so far have completed the activities, answering questionnaires where they expressed, with standardized questions, how they felt before and after each activity.

Photo: Stefania Minuto

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