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Research lines

  1. Oceans and Human Health (OHH): relationships between marine ecosystems and the health and well-being of people:
    1. Healthy foods from the sea
    2. The benefits for physical and mental health linked to life on the coast and to the practice of activities at sea
    3. Health risks from marine ecosystems: parasites, pollutants, biotoxins, etc.
    4. The bioactive potential of marine organisms as a source of new medicines
  2. Conservation of marine ecosystems and resources:
    1. Impacts of professional and recreational fishing on habitats and exploited species, especially the vulnerable ones
    2. Effect of climate change on marine resources and habitats
    3. The condition of fish as an indicator of fish and ecosystem health
    4. Usefulness of marine reserves as management tools to conserve marine ecosystems, fisheries resources and people's health
  3. Integration of biological, socioeconomic and health criteria in the co-management of the seas and oceans
Small-scale fishermen fishing in Cap de Creus. Josep Lloret

Sea Health

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