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The PHAROS4MPAs project

Conservation and co-management of marine protected areas considering environmental, social and economic criteria

Càtedra Oceans
Càtedra Oceans
Universitat de Girona
Laboratori Multidisciplinar de Recerca en Turisme de la Universitat de Girona
Universitat de Barcelona


At a national level, this project has been carried out by the SeaHealth research group at the IEA, the Oceans and Human Health Chair, and the Multidisciplinary Laboratory for Tourism Research at the University of Girona (UdG). Dr. Josep Lloret (coordinator), Arnau Carreño, Dra. Esther Martínez, Elvira Sánchez and Dra. Silvia Gómez from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) have been involved.

The PHAROS4MPAs project explores how Mediterranean marine protected areas (MPAs) are affected by maritime activities such as tourism, offshore wind energy, cruises and maritime transport of goods, within the framework of the so-called Blue Economy of the European Union. The project provides a set of practical recommendations aimed at the conservation and co-management of marine reserves in the Mediterranean, following environmental, social and economic criteria. In particular, the team of the University of Girona, formed by researchers from the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Tourism, in collaboration with the UAB, is responsible for the coordination of the activities "Recreational fishing", "Leisure Boating" and "Scuba Diving ", and also integrates artisanal fishing aspects. The project involves 8 European institutions and is led by WWF France. For more information, see the website 

Photo: Josep Lloret
Cuttlefish Tamaris Bay

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